Saturday 6th April 2013 - Married for 1875 days

Gift List

Your company is more than enough, to help us celebrate our day.
But should you still wish to buy us a gift, "thank you" you'll hear us say.
See, we've already got a toaster, a kettle, pans and pots,
And we've bought all the other things that we hadn't already got.
We've already paid off our honeymoon; we haven't chosen a beach nor ship,
But should you wish to contribute, we can organise a few more trips.
We're going to see the Northern Lights, and try out husky dog sledding,
Lapland is where we really fancy, after the run up to the wedding.
With your help we'll create beautiful memories for many more years to come,
As it's a very special time for us, once the vows are said and done.

There will be a postbox at The Habrough should you wish to make a contribution to an activity that we would love to experience when we go on our honeymoon. Below is a list of the activities we are keen to try.

The Online Gift List

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Shop Name Description Cost Quantity Options
We will be provided with a toboggan filled with logs, matches, hot berry juice and Finnish sausages and given help to light a riverside fire to spend time grilling sausages and waiting for a glimpse of the Northern Lights!
Aurora Picnic Pulkka£02 View | Mark as purchased
After a visit to the Arctic sled dog centre, we'll travel 17 km on a husky safari taking in the scene, wildlife and getting to know our team of husky dogs when we stop off for hot chocolate!
Husky Dog Safari £02 View | Mark as purchased
A traditional Finnish activity. We will head to a local fishing spot, drill through the ice and wait for a bite whilst taking in the scenery.
Ice fishing£02 View | Mark as purchased
We will travel 80-100km stopping for a picnic lunch and hot drinks, taking in the scenery, wildlife and hopefully avoiding the trees!
Lapland Snowmobile Safari £02 View | Mark as purchased
We'll be pulled along in a sled by a snowmobile by a local guide who will take us to the places to maximise our chances of seeing the Aurora Borealis. A very romantic trip.
Northern Lights (sled pulled by snowmobile)£02 View | Mark as purchased
A reindeer pulled sleigh ride through the stunning winter wonderland - a magical experience!
Reindeer Safari £02 View | Mark as purchased
Many snowshoe treks and trails to be explored - excellent fun!
Snowshoeing£02 View | Mark as purchased